• Chris Beardshaw"Countless years have taught me that Rolawn Medallion turf and Blended Loam topsoil are the only possible choices." Professor Stefan Buczacki, Leading Horticultural Broadcaster.
  • "Gardeners know that the soil is the foundation of great gardens. In our show gardens and private gardens we've found that using Rolawn's Blended Loam gets plants off to the best possible start." Chris Beardshaw, Leading Horticultural Broadcaster
  • "We overseeded our turf arena following 6 concerts. Originally laid with Medallion turf, we needed to make seamless repairs using the same seed mix. The turf repaired quickly, enabling us to host activities in the Arena during the peak summer period." Adrian Lovatt, The Eden Project
Matt James
  • "A soil is all about how it feels and boy, does this feel good! Rich, friable and crumbly. Blended loam gets plants off to the best possible start." Matt James TV Gardener, Matt James Garden Designs Ltd
  • "The Blended Loam transformed my building site into a smooth brown carpet instantly. It was incredibly pure and of the very best quality - the perfect kick start for the new garden." Jason Orme, Editor, 'Homebuilding & Renovating, Move or Improve?'
  • "The Turf for the Royal National Rose Society's Garden of the Rose was of outstanding quality, mind you over the last 15 years of using Rolawn turf, it's what we have come to expect." Adam Frost, AF Landscapes, Grantham
  • "Where you require an instant transformation, and have the space and access, the 13sqm turfmaster rolls is the perfect product." Chris Beardshaw, Leading Horticultural Broadcaster