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Summer's Here! July Garden Maintenance

11 July 2013 by Rolawn

Now that summer has finally arrived, it's time to start enjoying all of your hard work put in through the spring. Although the days of spending endless hours lazing on our perfectly kept lawns may finally be upon us, every gardener will be well aware that there are always jobs to be done. With the temperature increasing and less precipitation, July is certainly the time to think about watering, as well as keeping the garden tidy with weeding and dead-heading.

Summer Lawn Care

The main priority this month is providing both your lawn and beds with the necessary water during dry conditions. Recently laid turf or seeded areas will be particularly vulnerable so it's essential to keep them well watered. Established lawns will cope without watering, unless you're looking to maintain a lush green sward throughout summer. Although not all of us can enjoy the luxury of lawn sprinklers, a gentle dousing with a watering can will combat the rising temperatures and lower rainfall. But don't worry if your lawn does suffer from lack of water; it will recover as soon as rainfall returns. With regards to mowing it's advisable to adjust frequency according to growth rates. Now temperatures have increased you will probably find your lawn won't need cutting as often. During hot, dry weather raise the mowing height slightly which will help trap moisture and encourage deeper roots. You may also wish to consider a summer lawn fertilizer, particularly if a spring treatment hasn't been carried out. Weed & feed treatments can be applied but remember to only apply fertiliser or other chemicals when the grass is actively growing. During dry weather they are unlikely to work and could scorch the lawn.

Refreshing Flower Beds

The warm weather provides weeds with great growing conditions. Hoeing your beds and providing plants with the necessary water and nutrition will be essential, but do take care to use water wisely. Mulching will also help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay. The months leading up to July should have prepared your topsoil for the majority of weather conditions, however if you begin to notice a decline in plant and flower health, you may wish to consider a fertiliser. Shrubbery and larger plant life may need the occasional pruning after flowering; however this is more than likely going to have been carried out in the earlier months of the year. The pruning will encourage fresh growth and new shoots, whilst the growing conditions will provide a really positive environment, allowing your garden to flourish to its full potential this summer. Summer presents us with the perfect opportunity to enjoy our gardens, with long days and evenings spent outdoors on the majority of social calendars. This means that keeping the garden in a presentable and healthy condition is essential, and so regular maintenance, especially on the warmer days (prefect gardening weather!) is key.