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Dog Urine and Your Lawn Turf

1 May 2008 by Rolawn

Dogs might be man's best friend, but they can be a nuisance as far as your lawn turf is concerned. Whilst your garden is a great place for poochie to frolic and play, it is also a great big open toilet as far as he's concerned and he's likely to urinate willy-nilly around the lawn turf, either for convenience or as part of his territorial instincts.

Excess Nitrogen in Your Lawn Turf

Unfortunately for your poor benighted lawn turf, dog urine contains very high levels of nitrogen. Although nitrogen is a traditional part of many fertiliser mixes, large concentrations in a small area can kill whole patches of lawn turf. Bitches in particular cause enormous damage to lawn turf because they tend to use one spot to urinate repeatedly whereas dogs will simply mark many spots with small amounts.

Lawn Turf Protection Tips

There are a few things you can do however to help minimise the damage to your lawn turf from your best friend's toilet habits. You can train your animals to use a particular patch of the garden, or if this is beyond you, then dousing the lawn with lots of water immediately after your dog has finished their business will help to wash away the nitrogen before it has the chance to affect your lawn turf. Some agricultural lime or gypsum mixed in with the water can also help neutralise the acidity of the urine and prevent it from 'burning' the grass blades.