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Mole Invasion and Lawn care - Some Ways To Get Rid Of Moles

28 May 2008 by Rolawn

Moles are all very well when their hills scatter the grass verges at the roadside - they lend a picturesque feel to a rural lane - but when molehills start popping up all over your lawn and ruining the view, it means war. Lawn care can become twice as hard when moles are present.

Unfortunately, if you have a well-drained lawn with lots of lovely earthworms aerating the soil and doing other wormy things, you're more susceptible to moles. Moles love to eat worms, and as they burrow through your lawn in search of this tantalising delicacy they leave behind a trail of destruction that includes fallen in tunnels and unsightly piles of earth making lawn care imperative.

Lawn Care - Getting Rid of the Blighters

Getting moles to leave your garden can be a tricky job. They're territorial fellows and like nothing more than to stick around once they've found some prime real estate. If you do manage to remove one mole, there's a good chance another will come along instead.

Don't give up however - there are several ways to get rid of moles and you might need a mix of methods. Firstly, vibrations drive moles crazy, so try something as simple as installing a child's windmill in your garden. If you're into a bit of high-tech lawn care you can buy electronic buzzing devices from your local garden centre.

Trapping and flooding out moles are effective (if a little cruel) methods, but don't be surprised if the moles come back. You may also drown baby moles so this isn't a solution for the faint-hearted.

An organic, friendly way to discourage moles is to lace their holes with a natural repellents such as garlic granules. It stops them burrowing further and can curb your problem effectively.