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Let your garden look its best this November

11 November 2013 by Rolawn

Garden Jobs for NovemberNow is a great time to make the most of any bright & dry days, as gardeners far and wide are making their final preparations for the winter. Although November brings with it some frosty mornings and darker evenings, the everyday garden can be transformed into a flourishing and thriving outdoor escape. Even though the hazy summer evenings of lounging in the garden may seem like a thing of the past, you can still enjoy your garden throughout the colder months. November is also an important time to give your plants the necessary tender loving care they need to get through the winter months.

Essential Lawn Care

You've probably noticed quite an influx of falling leaves over the last couple of weeks and it is essential to rake these leaves off your lawn as often as possible. Their presence means that your lawn is deprived of light, and they can cause the lawn to become weak and can also harbour winter pests. Fallen leaves can be collected and put on the compost heap to rot down, or removed using a leaf blower or vacuum. Your grass will continue to grow as long as the temperature is above around 5oC, so when the weather permits your lawn will still need a light trim every now and then with your usual mower. If you are still experiencing autumnal temperatures and haven't already done so, take advantage of the weather and aerate and topdress your lawn if conditions allow. You could combine this with an application of fresh lawn seed, or patching any necessary areas with new turf, but if you are experiencing frosts it is advisable to wait until spring warmth returns. Try to avoid walking across your lawn during the especially cold periods when frosty weather is present, as this can result in damage and brown footprints covering your lawn.

Protecting Plant Life

Late autumn is also an ideal time to put actions into place to ensure your garden is flourishing in time for spring. Some plants will find the winter difficult, but planting lily and tulip bulbs now will ensure some splashes of colour when the warmer weather arrives. In order to provide the necessary protection for all your outdoor plants, sprinkle some mulch over your beds and borders to protect plants from frost and help to retain water during cold spells. You can also tie up plant leaves to provide additional protection to your plants.

General Maintenance

As well as protecting your plants, you may wish to make some minor adjustments to your containers to protect them too. Raising patio containers using bricks or small feet will prevent them from sitting in wet conditions during periods of damp weather. Coating tubs in bubble wrap or hessian will give them insulation and protect them from particularly cold frosts. November can be an exciting time in the garden as you enjoy the beautiful late autumnal tones, and there's always plenty to do by putting the necessary measures in place to prevent winter damage. Remember to be proactive when it comes to harsh weather conditions, and above all, remember that your garden can remain tidy and attractive with the right amount of tender loving care.