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A day at the Palace

Not Crystal or Buckingham but Hampton Court. There are few more pleasing sights than when you see your own products being used to engage all strata of society with the beautiful, educational and sometimes intriguing. Welcome to the summary of my trip to this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Posted on 14 July 2014 by Jonathan Hill

When it comes to turf – it depends

When growing ‘Britain’s finest turf’ there is undoubtedly an expression that covers a multitude of situations and which can be used to answer virtually any question about turf. ‘It depends!’ 

Posted on 4 July 2014 by Rolawn

Gardeners' World Live 2014

Rolawn supplied products for a number of gardens at this year's Gardeners' World Live. Here's a selection of photos from our visit to the show.

Posted on 16 June 2014 by Rolawn

Preparing for Autumn - September Gardening Guide

Where has the year gone? With the summer winding to a close, it's time to prepare for the autumn and winter months that lie ahead.

Posted on 4 September 2013 by Rolawn

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013

The next RHS Flower Show of the season is fast approaching. Hampton Court Palace Flower is the world's largest flower show.

Posted on 3 July 2013 by Rolawn

March Maintenance: Welcome in Spring

This winter has presented a particularly harsh time for our gardens. A combination of the freezing temperatures, snow fall and heavy rain will no doubt have left your garden looking a little worse for wear.

Posted on 21 March 2013 by Rolawn

Shaded Lawn Turf Key Maintenance Advice

Even with all the best advice in the world, growing a turf lawn can be problematic depending on one very important factor - shade.

Posted on 13 January 2012 by Rolawn

Lawn turf - dealing with worm casts & deterring worm activity

Worms are beneficial in the garden as their burrowing activities improve the aeration and drainage of the soil. 

Posted on 27 October 2011 by Rolawn

How To Protect Your Lawn Turf Against Animal Urine

We all love our dogs, but not when they destroy our turf. Animal urine, especially from dogs, is one of the leading problems all lawn owners face.

Posted on 16 June 2011 by Rolawn

Turf Maintenance Following Winter

The warm weather has been sprung upon us as spring time has finally arrived. For many, winter has been very cold and the early snow and persistent cold and wet weather will have undoubtedly led to garden turf being affected to some degree. 

Posted on 13 April 2011 by Rolawn