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Topsoil Technical Advice

A comprehensive guide to choosing topsoil, the importance of quality assurances such as BS3882:2015, building raised beds and how to improve your existing soil.

Topsoil buying guide

Quality, fertility and safety of the contents can vary greatly in a bag of topsoil across different suppliers, so it is important to ask the correct questions when you make a purchase.

Calculating topsoil requirements

An easy guide to assist you in calculating how much topsoil you require for your project, including recommended depths.

Creating a topsoil specification

A topsoil specification is essential to ensure you source the correct product for your needs.

British Standard for Topsoil BS3882:2015

Very few suppliers analyse their topsoils to the degree of Rolawn. In this article we explain what the British Standard means and why it is important in the decision-making process.

Soil structure

Soil structure is the shape that the soil takes based on its physical, chemical and biological properties. Here we examine why soil structure is so important for healthy plant growth.

How to improve your soil

Advice on improving the structure and fertility of clay and sandy soils by adding organic matter, the best time of year to do this and what to use to improve your soil.

The benefits of raised beds

Raised beds make an attractive design feature in your garden with many practical uses and benefits.

How to build a raised bed

A step by step guide to planning and building raised beds.