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Turf Pest & Disease Control

Turf disease and insects

Each disease in turf, and there are many, develops under different conditions. Some diseases develop in the spring, some in the summer, and others in the winter months.


Anthracnose is caused by a fungus and can strike at different times of the year, but can be managed when it occurs.

Ants in lawns

Ant hills can spoil the appearance of your lawn, but can be easily eradicated.

Bentgrass take-all patch

Take-all patch is caused by a fungus that lives in the soil, it does not attack the leaves. The fungus infects and kills the roots and stolons of bentgrass. As this happens, the leaves will display colour changes (red, yellow and brown) and this is what you will observe.

Brown patches in turf

Brown patches in your turf may be a sign of disease.  

Chafer grubs in lawns

Chafer grubs may be small but they can be extremely destructive in your lawn; they can however be controlled.  

Dollar spot

Dollar spot may appear as small, slightly sunken spots of pale, bleached turf. Correct maintenance can reduce the occurrence and severity of the disease.

Fairy rings

Fairy rings are a fungal turfgrass disease which can be difficult to eradicate, but their appearance can be masked through a suitable aftercare regime.  

Bibionid flies (Fever Fly, St Marks Fly)

Each bibionid fly lays 30 eggs at a time, resulting in small clumps of larvae which feed on organic matter in turf.  

Fusarium patch disease

Fusarium patch disease presents as patches of yellowy-brown grass which does not attract dew in the mornings; you may also notice a fine white or pink mould.

Leaf blight

Leaf blights can be caused by many different types of fungi; fungicides can be used if the blight has resisted other methods of treatment.  

Leatherjackets (European Crane Fly)

Leatherjacket larvae can damage your lawn by eating the roots of the turf, weakening the grass which may then turn yellow.   


Damage caused by moles is easily recognisable, but they can be difficult to eradicate.

Red thread disease

Red thread can be easily controlled once it has been identified.

Rust disease

Rust disease is easy to identify as it is usually noticeable on shoes or clothes if you have been walking on diseased turf.

Snow moulds & Fusarium pink patch

Snow moulds are fungi which are usually noticeable in winter or early spring; correct maintenance can reduce the severity.

Yellow Tuft

Yellow tuft is caused by a fungus which can develop on the grass plant, causing the roots to weaken and pull away easily.