Celebrating two significant environmental achievements

Rolawn is celebrating two milestones in its environmental strategy, with the unveiling of a solar panel installation at their site in Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire, plus an upgrade to their independently audited Green Achiever award which gives them the coveted Diamond Banner status.

After months of planning, site-preparation and installation, the on-site solar panels, which were commissioned in December, are anticipated to make a significant contribution to the production facilities at the Head Office site. 

Known for innovative practices across the business, Rolawn’s environmental strategy is no exception. The business is embracing a carbon-friendly future with this proactive development which was identified as an enhancement to operations as part of an ongoing drive for efficiency.

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Paul Dawson, Rolawn’s Managing Director, comments: “True to our environmental policy and credentials we identified an opportunity to operate in a more carbon-friendly manner and we acted on it.”

Further verification of Rolawn’s resolute focus on environmental responsibility comes in the form of the latest enhancement to their Green Achiever status. Following an annual audit by Green Achiever, Rolawn has been granted the new ‘Diamond Banner’ award in recognition of continuing improvement.

The award’s significance is summarised by Deb Cairns from Green Achiever; “I say to many that making an impressive improvement in environmental performance once is great but making improvements year in, year out shows commitment and ambition to really make a difference that deserves recognition. Rolawn Ltd is one of those companies.”  Both announcements, which are believed to be ‘firsts’ for the turf, topsoil and bark sector, underline Rolawn’s dedication to professionalism, reliability and integrity as well as a determination to lead the market in improving practices for the benefit of the environment.

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