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It's a dogs life for Rolawn's Website Manager


Helen Redwood, Website Manager at Rolawn, Britain’s largest turf grower and leading topsoil supplier has taken advantage of the recent weather as she races Siberian Huskies.

Helen, a member of the Siberian Husky Club or Great Britain (SHCGB) owns five Siberian Huskies and regularly participates in national rallies.  She also helps organise the Arden Grange and SHCGB Aviemore Sled Dog rally, the largest sled dog event in the UK which attracts over 200 teams. 

Helen commented “The most rewarding aspects of owning Siberian Huskies is seeing the tremendous enthusiasm on their faces when being worked in a harness, especially on snow. Sled dogs run because they love it.  Usually we race on three-wheeled rigs, but this winter we’ve been fortunate enough to hold four events on snow using sleds.”

The Siberian Husky was the winter sled dog of the Chukchi people of Siberia and was bred to pull light loads at moderate speeds.