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Keep on the grass


Keep on the grassRolawn, Europe’s largest turf grower, are launching a campaign to encourage everyone to make more use of their lawns. The ‘Keep on the grass’ message will first be seen on liveried vehicles, where Rolawn are working in conjunction with The Bedfords Group, who are one of the Yorkshire based turf producers key distribution partners. 

Jonathan Hill, Rolawn’s Sales & Marketing Director commented, “The benefits of a healthy natural lawn are huge and through this campaign we hope to ensure that we remind everyone about what they are. This winter’s flooding has highlighted how our management of the landscape is vital and gardens have a key role to play in this. In 2012 we had hosepipe bans; lawns contribute to reducing the likelihood of this reoccurring by filtering water into the ground. I think most people know plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen, however, far less people are probably aware of other facts such as turf being a natural filter, trapping particulates and dust which are then drawn down into the soil, helping to clean our atmosphere.

We are very grateful to Bedfords for their help in starting to spread the word and the ‘Keep on the grass’ message is something we will be featuring across various platforms in the coming months.”