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Rolawn provide lawn care advice


Rolawn, Europe’s largest turf grower and leading topsoil supplier have used their extensive knowledge of turf production gained over more than 35 years to provide regular lawn care tips.  

The extreme weather conditions experienced over the past few months, with extended periods of snow cover and low temperatures, have resulted in many turf areas appearing to be badly damaged.  As the onset of spring weather stimulates new growth, the turf should begin to recover, with the normal seasonal assistance with suitable mowing, aeration, over seeding and feeding.

The appearance of a lawn will be affected by the environment it is living in and the treatment it is receiving. A healthy lawn requires a balance of air, food, water and light. An appropriate maintenance programme helps to keep these elements in balance.

Rolawn regularly email lawn tips produced specially for Rolawn by the Sports Turf Research Institute which provide valuable information on how to look after a lawn and how to get the best from it taking into account any seasonal or climate conditions at the time.   

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