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Websites - less can be more


Rolawn-relaunch-website-(1).jpgThe development of a new website or redesign of an existing one requires a business within any industry sector to take a long honest look at itself and its customers. Originality, simple functionality and clear navigation are often overruled by the desire for a company to shout everything about themselves, all at once; fuelled by fear that customers may miss something if it’s not crammed on to a landing page. Result? Websites that are cluttered and an assault on the senses. In the horticultural market it really is a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. To avoid this very fundamental but understandable mistake a business must have a clear understanding of what needs to be said, in addition to when and how it is delivered. This requires understanding of the target audience and what they value.

Research into customer behaviour and existing website analytics should combine to drive website design. Rolawn, Europe’s largest turf grower, have just launched their redesigned website, which they claim focuses on delivering an improved customer journey. The redesign has focused on presenting Rolawn’s industry leading high quality products in a clear contemporary style, along with improved access to both technical and practical advice.

Paul Dawson, Rolawn’s Managing Director commented “We are very pleased with our new website, it is easy to navigate, fresh and modern in appearance, whilst re-emphasising all of Rolawn’s traditional values. We believe it reflects our position as the country’s leading supplier of high quality turf, topsoils and mulches.”