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Why Rolawn turf is the very best

Why Rolawn Is The Best Turf
  1. Selection of the finest cultivars
  2. Using the best grass seed
  3. The most suitable soil in Britain
  4. Our secret seeding process
  5. How we produce the turf
  6. Modern harvesting process
  7. Unique, patented Profresh® system
  8. Care in transport
  9. How do you know you have purchased genuine Rolawn turf?

Rolawn - Britain's Finest Turf®

The consistent, supreme quality that is a trademark of Rolawn turf is no accident, it is the result of years of refining and modernising the production of turf. Rolawn staff travel throughout the world in search of better techniques to produce our turf. The result is that the turf you purchase from us will be in excellent condition and we will stand behind our product. The description of how we consistently produce excellent turf will reassure you that by selecting the best turf you will have the finest lawn.

Rolawn studies and selects the seed they use

Each year Rolawn's staff study new research on grass cultivars reported in the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA. We select cultivars based on their reported performance such as seasonal quality of colour, rate of growth, disease resistance, root depth, pH preference, wear tolerance and leaf shape. At Rolawn, we then experiment on our production fields to learn how different seed mixtures combine to form the best turf. With over 40 years of this continual review and amendment we have refined our product to ensure it is the best available today to meet your needs.

Rolawn buys the best quality seed

If you compare the cost of seed to turf you will notice it is relatively low, which means cutting corners on paying for good quality seed is false economy. If a turf grower buys low grade seed they will produce low grade turf. At Rolawn we consult with turfgrass experts in the UK (The Sports Turf Research Institute), Europe and the USA to ensure that the seed we decide to purchase is the best. Finally, we test each batch of seed we do buy for purity and germination.

Selection of the best soil

If you look closely at the soil on your new turf, you will see that it is a rich brown colour and crumbles when you rub it between your fingers. This soil was identified by Rolawn as the ideal soil for turf production. It drains well, is rich in nutrients, and permits the turf to form dense root systems. The thin layer of soil on the turf allows for the fastest rate of turf rooting after you lay it.

Rolawn's secret seeding process

After the soil is ploughed and cultivated, the blended seeds are sown into the ground using a multi-directional pattern to ensure that there are no weak spots in your turf. Our state of the art pneumatic seed drill, designed and built in house by our fabrication team, is believed to be the most advanced pneumatic seed drill in the UK. The drill’s dual seed application and ability to level the ground provides unrivalled distribution of seed to improve establishment.

After the seed is placed in the ground, a special fertiliser is spread onto the soil to give the young turf plants a boost and encourage them to grow fast and strong.

Trebro AutoStack3Producing Rolawn turf

After seeding, the young turf plants emerge out of the ground in a week or so. They are fertilised and mown for up to 14 months. Some types of grasses take longer to grow together and form a turf than others. The turf is inspected and cared for on a daily basis. Weeds, insects or other pests are controlled so they do not damage the turf. The turf is mown regularly, sometimes more than twice a week, to train it to grow upright. The grass is vacuumed to ensure that no debris remains in the turf. When the turf is strong enough to be carried as you might do when you lay it, it is ready for harvest, but it is not harvested until you order it.

Modern harvesting

The day the turf is to be harvested for you it is mown, vacuumed and inspected. Modern, automatic harvesting machines are used to harvest the turf. Any defects will result in the turf being rejected. It is this degree of care that makes Rolawn turf the healthiest turf in the UK.

Rolawn Profresh® System

Our turf is the only one in the world treated with our unique, patented process called Profresh. This system extends the 'as harvested' freshness of our turf ensuring it arrives with you in a healthy ready to lay condition.

How do you know you have received genuine Rolawn turf?

Ask to see the receipt/invoice. If in doubt, please contact us for more information. Rolawn has taken the time and invested funds to ensure that you can identify our superior products.


At Rolawn we take a lot of pride in our product and you deserve the best. Always make sure you ask for Rolawn turf.