Introducing some of our customer service heroes

Customer Service is traditionally associated with front-line customer service teams who deal directly with customers, offering support and guidance on orders and deliveries. At Rolawn we firmly believe there’s an element of customer service running through every department.

Whether it’s our in-house mechanics maintaining machinery to our exacting standards or the Marketing department ensuring up to the minute relevant product information is freely available we all share a common goal – always delivering the best available products and services for customers.

Learnings from British Cycling

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What does our approach have to do with British Cycling, you may ask? The answer lies in the principle labelled by Sir David Brailsford as the aggregation of marginal gains. As Director of Performance for British Cycling, Sir David Brailsford focused on small incremental improvements throughout the system and whilst not significant in isolation, when added together, created a significant improvement. In the case of cycling it was instrumental in making British cycling the record breaking Olympic, Worlds and Grand Tour success admired around the world.

For Rolawn, attention to detail in all areas, with often small marginal innovations and investments contribute to the overall development of our products and services, making the difference when added together, resulting in the market leading quality delivered to customers. Without the dedication of our Farm, Production and Workshop colleagues, we wouldn’t be able to meet demand in the timely and efficient manner that supports our ethos for putting the customer first.

Keeping those departments running like clockwork is a focused group of professionals, some of whom we are pleased to introduce to you here:

Tom Anderson: Turf Production Manager

Encompassing agronomy skills, turf grass plant knowledge at a cellular level, Tom comes from a farming background and is responsible for the complete turf growing process. The management of a highly evolved sophisticated growing regime, that has the wonderful influence of UK weather patterns to contend with is central to our business. Tom’s job includes the management of all farm staff connected to turf production.

Steve Houseman: Harvesting Manager

A long-serving member of staff, Steve has amassed a level of knowledge that is invaluable in overseeing our highly evolved harvesting techniques to ensure our market-leading Medallion lawn turf leaves the field in the best possible condition, come rain or shine!

Geoff Dick and Mark Hatfield: Research and Development Managers

Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new bespoke systems and machinery, Geoff and Mark’s work allows us to continually evolve our production processes. They have been responsible for the design and build of much of our bespoke equipment such as our state-of-the-art pneumatic seed drill with a multi-directional sowing pattern for unrivalled seed distribution.

Geoff has been with Rolawn for 14 years originally running our workshop team prior to moving into the Research and Development role.

Mark has spent the best part of two decades with Rolawn, beginning his career here in 2000, working in fabrication and, after a brief spell honing his skills elsewhere, progressed to the Research and Development role he has today.

Ian Elwick: Bulk Products Manager

Managing the production of our topsoils and barks, Ian ensures these products meet a range of stringent quality and industry standards, he is also part of our ISO Management Team and helps to ensure our Environmental and Quality policies are incorporated into day-to-day operations. Having worked at Rolawn since May 1996 in roles including Sales Office Manager and Operations Manager, Ian has a detailed knowledge of the company’s products and processes, helping to guide and advise colleagues.

Dave Webster: Warehouse Operations Manager

Dave draws on more than twenty years of experience working in Transport, Warehousing and Logistics to manage the running of our warehouse facilities, including bark and topsoil bagging and the Profresh treatment of our turf, with a focus on the production of the highest quality products.

Mike Smith: Workshop Manager

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a car or a household appliance being out of use while we wait for a replacement part to be ordered and fitted. But consumer demand has no time for such inconveniences. Mike oversees the day to day maintenance of company machinery, much of which is built in-house, and plays a vital role in our position as a market leader. This involves a strict servicing schedule, careful management of thousands of parts and keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in engineering.


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Staff satisfaction supports customer satisfaction

Another element to customer satisfaction is ensuring you have a happy workforce. As Richard Branson has been quoted as saying: “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”.

That really does seem to be the case for us because not only do we have multiple staff members who have been with us for 15 to 20 years, we’re also happy to report that we have several departments with family connections, including:

Rolawn’s Chairman and Managing Director are father and son Ken and Paul Dawson. 

In Production we have father, cousin and son – Steve, Keith and Sam Houseman on Harvesting, we have the Balls, father David W on Sowing, his nephew David A on spraying and son Andrew, on cultivation. We also have brothers Graham and Trevor on Harvesting and Warehouse and husband and wife James and Rachel Miller on mowing and Production Admin. Plus, we have mother and daughter Allison and Rebecca in Distribution and Customer Service, as well as mother and son Mandy and Jack in Accounts.

Meet more customer service heroes

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of the Rolawn team and their contributions to providing you with products and services at the forefront of the market. If you’re interested in putting more faces to the names behind our services, look out for our series of ‘Meet the team Monday’ social media posts in the coming weeks.