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Turf & lawns advice

Step-by-step guides on preparing for and laying turf, sowing from seed and maintaining your lawn.

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Lawn aftercare

Keep your lawn healthy with the right maintenance including dealing with weeds, scarification, aeration, overseeding and fertilising.

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Topsoil & compost guides

All about working with topsoil, from soil types and improvement tips to volume calculations and making raised beds.

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Choosing topsoil

Guides on how to choose a suitable topsoil for healthy plants, types of topsoil available, information on the British Standard and calculating how much you require for a project.

Planting pansies in soil

Using topsoil

Find out about working with topsoil in a range of situations, from raised beds to no-dig gardens.

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Improving your soil

Why does soil health matter and how can soil structure impact plant health? Find out more in our guides and learn how to improve your topsoil for successful planting.

Bark & mulch

Guides on how to use barks and mulches to protect and nurture plants, conserve water and inhibit weed growth or simply to create a decorative finish.

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How to apply mulch

Mulching is a vital part of any garden, here we explain how to apply mulches to achieve the best results.

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The benefits of barks and mulches

Barks and mulches serve many purposes, helping to save time and money in the garden, improving plant health and providing a decorative finish to gardens and landscaping projects as well as being beneficial to the ecosystem.