The press praise for ProFresh

Rolawn attended the Garden & Home Press event to promote their revolutionary system for extending the shelf life of turf.

The event is exclusively for members of the press to see new products and services being developed for the Garden and Home market. The reaction to Rolawn’s unique and patented process called ProFresh®, was universal in praise and support. For all turf suppliers offering their customers fresh green healthy turf is a basic requirement, however this requirement is often not met due to the highly perishable nature of turf; which is especially a problem during spring and summer when most turf is sold. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that ProFresh is creating waves within the turf, DIY and garden retailing market; with customer feedback strongly indicating that Rolawn have raised the turf quality bar yet again.

Jonathan Hill, Rolawn’s Sales & Marketing Director, states “Rolawn have spent several years perfecting a system that results in our customers being offered an improved high quality product that is now even more consistent. Whether you are buying via one of our stockists or through our website your turf will have been treated to ensure you receive product that comes up to your expectations. The reaction from seasoned knowledgeable members of the gardening press has been fantastic and I firmly believe ProFresh is the latest innovative reason why Rolawn turf continues to be Britain’s finest.” 

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