Yorkshire business cultivates new turf technologies

Based in Seaton Ross, Rolawn, the UK’s market-leading supplier of turf and topsoil, thrives on innovation, a culture initiated in 1975 by the founding members of the family-run business and which continues to inform the research and development that keeps Rolawn’s turf production at the forefront of the industry today. 

Whether investing in state-of-the-art equipment or developing and building its own cutting-edge technology, Rolawn applies the depth of knowledge gained during its almost 50-year history, to meet and exceed the needs of the market, driving the British turf industry forward from its base in the Vale of York. Farming an extensive acreage of turf, Rolawn supplies to the domestic, amenity, landscape and house building markets and considers consistent upgrades to its turf growing process as part of its commitment to quality, its customers, and the environment. 

The expertise and experience Rolawn have in turf growing informs and drives much of the pioneering technology that is developed at the company’s facilities. Expert engineers at Rolawn are kept busy, devising and developing leading-edge equipment to address and adapt to the ever-changing challenges as they arise. In-house projects include producing the world’s largest turf pneumatic seed drill, developing the patented ProFresh® system as a unique way to tackle sod heating and, what is believed to be, the UK’s largest turf roll harvester.

As part of its growing fleet of vehicles, Rolawn has invested in an impressive line-up of sophisticated machinery including turf harvesters and a range of Fendt tractors. The machinery brings considerable benefits to production, particularly in improving Rolawn’s accuracy and efficiency.

Seed Drill Mark 2

Designed and engineered in-house, the Seed Drill Mark 2 has greatly enhanced Rolawn’s sowing process and is considered the secret to its seeding success. Specially selected, best quality grass seed is sown by the drill which ensures weak spots are eliminated, providing a higher grade of turf.

The pneumatic seed drill was entirely built by the Rolawn fabrication team and is believed to be the most advanced pneumatic turf seed drill in the country.

News - Trebro AutoStack3

The Trebro AutoStack 3

Described as “the most refined, high-production machine on the market,” the AutoStack 3 from Trebro is an important addition to Rolawn’s fleet as it offers innovative features that set it apart from other turf harvesters on the market.

Rolawn is the first in Europe to have the Montana-made AutoStack 3, believing that it helps reinforce their commitment to quality and attention to detail.

The technology of this machine matches the ambitions of the business and has allowed Rolawn to further increase productivity and build on the superior quality of the turf it grows.

Fendt Tractors

Rolawn uses three Fendt 314 machines which offer improved accuracy when mowing, resulting in a better-quality product. 

Fuel consumption of the 314s is a distinct advantage. The engine, with Dynamic Performance power boost concept, helps the machine reach 152 horsepower with lower emissions, being far superior on fuel and AdBlue than other tractors.

Rolawn’s fleet also includes the Fendt 516 tractor, which incorporates revolutionary live, real time grass plant analysis to optimise field outputs, such as fertilisers, which has led to marked improvements in quality with reduced environmental impact.

News - Fendt 314 tractor

Commenting on the innovative turf growing approach at Rolawn, Jonathan Hill, sales director said:

“The consistent, superior quality of our turf is no accident. It is the result of years of research, refinement, and improvement. We are meticulous about the equipment and technology we introduce, investing time and money to ensure each element introduced positively contributes to the turf growing process and the quality of the product for our customers.

“We’re all driven by something,” Jonathan continued, “At Rolawn we are driven by innovation, by the desire to solve the ever-changing challenges faced by landscapers, groundskeepers, stockists, house builders and homeowners and to do it in a responsible way that limits our impact on the environment.

“We stand behind each and every one of our products, we take pride in our turf and we’re confident that it’s the technology, processes and people we put in place that make our products so exceptional.”