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Ensuring you have a high-quality topsoil is essential for any garden or landscaping scheme. Therefore it is vital to buy a safe, fertile, consistent, certified product that you know has been responsibly sourced and tested to BS3882:2015 with standards set for residential home grown use. Rolawn is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

As Britain's leading supplier of high-quality topsoil you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our topsoils are blended and tested to the most stringent standards, ensuring products will be both safe and ideal for your needs.

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Blended Loam Topsoil Bulk Bag

Blended Loam Topsoil Bulk Bag

£142.80 per bag

A high-quality, fertile, peat-free, organic rich, multi-purpose topsoil, suitable for general planting and landscaping. Contains approx. 1m³ (1000 litres) when packed.

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Turf & Lawn Seeding Topsoil Bulk Bag

Turf & Lawn Seeding Topsoil Bulk Bag

£139.50 per bag

A sandy topsoil incorporating Rolawn GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, for use under new turf or sowing grass seed. Bag size approx. 0.73m³ when packed.

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Beds & Borders Topsoil Bulk Bag

Beds & Borders Topsoil Bulk Bag

£150.00 per bag Now £120.00 per bag

High-quality, peat-free, organic rich topsoil with added controlled release fertiliser to aid plant growth. Contains approx. 1m³ (1000 litres) when packed.

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Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil Bulk Bag

Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil Bulk Bag

£150.00 per bag

A slightly heavier fertile, safe soil which is rich in organic matter and ideal for growing a range of fruit and vegetables. Contains approx. 1m³ (1000 litres) when packed.

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Topsoil you can trust

As the leading UK topsoil supplier, the quality of Rolawn topsoil is second to none being safe, fertile, certified, peat free and available all year nationwide.

Produced from a blend of recovered topsoil, certified green waste compost and peat-free soil conditioners that provide added levels of organic matter, Rolawn topsoils are readily broken down, extremely spreadable and easy to work with, even when wet, whilst retaining moisture naturally. Whether you are planting, laying turf, vegetable gardening, landscaping or constructing raised beds, Rolawn can supply a product suitable for your application. Rolawn Blended Loam is a versatile product, suitable for a range of applications, whereas our task specific topsoils are specially formulated to ensure the best results for their specific use.

Chris Beardshaw Testimonial"Gardeners know that the soil is the foundation of great gardens. In our show gardens and private gardens we've found that using Rolawn's Blended Loam gets plants off to the best possible start."

Chris Beardshaw, Leading Garden Designer and Horticultural Broadcaster

All of our topsoils are delivered in convenient bulk bags, which help to keep the work area tidy and reduce wastage that wind and rain can cause. Blended Loam Topsoil, Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil and Beds & Borders Topsoil are supplied in bulk bags which contain approximately 1m3 when packed, up to 50% more than 1 tonne of ordinary topsoil which usually equates to only 0.67m3.

At Rolawn we take our impact on the environment seriously and that is why all of our topsoil blends are peat free, ensuring the survival of lowland peat bogs which provide an important habitat for plants and wildlife and are also a valuable carbon store.

Rolawn topsoils are tested in accordance with the revised British Standard, BS3882:2015, which includes suitability for its intended use. A copy of the independent test analysis is available on request.

How much do I need?

Calculating how much material you need is key to working out what great value for money our topsoils are. Our topsoil calculator will help you work this out, or contact us if you need further advice.

Where to buy Rolawn topsoil

  • Via our extensive nationwide stockist network - use our Find a Stockist function to locate those nearest to your town or postcode.
  • Buy online on this website for prompt home delivery.
  • Contact our Customer Services Team to discuss your needs or to place an order - Telephone 01904 757372, 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.