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Information for stockists

For trade enquiries please contact our Customer Services Team on 01904 757300, Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays), 8am to 6.30pm, Saturday 8am to 12.30pm.

The brand leader

Rolawn has the strongest brand name in the industry and is regularly featured in the media and endorsed by leading horticultural broadcasters. This is no coincidence, as at Rolawn we understand the importance of branding.

The Rolawn brand is:

  • Unique and differentiated - being based on distinctive benefits
  • Relevant - meeting the needs of today’s market
  • Substantiated - underpinned by functionality
  • Consistent - delivered to the same standard over time
  • The Rolawn brand is the recognised benchmark of quality and service. The Rolawn brand is your guarantee.

The continued development and promotion of the brand through our ongoing commitment to advertising, public relations, point of sale and promotional campaigns generates unrivalled sales opportunities for Rolawn stockists.

Rolawn Profresh® System

The Profresh System is a unique patented and trademarked system which gives Rolawn turf up to three times its normal shelf life. This significantly extends the window of opportunity for stockists to sell turf in optimum condition, resulting in increased sales.

Rolawn Stockist Support

Rolawn actively supports its stockists by creating valuable sales leads for our stockists whether they want to deal with the public only, the trade only or both. Quality sales leads are generated by:

  • Free listing on the Rolawn website. The Rolawn brand is trusted by both the landscape trade and the public, resulting in increasing numbers of visitors to our website. This means that the Find a Stockist section is generating sales leads for stockists who are listed.
  • Sales leads and orders are also referred from our Customer Services Team in York which receives calls from all over the UK.
  • Support with promotional activity.
  • Merchandising and promotional support such as banners, pallet stands, literature and branded point of sale.
  • Free product and sales training to enable you and your staff to maximise the opportunities created.
  • We know from over 40 years experience that selling quality products gets you noticed and gets you business.
  • Rolawn products broaden the appeal of your business to customers bringing in more people.
  • Working when others have to stop. Rolawn products are always available, always consistent and always ready to go when you are. All year round in almost any weather.

Become a Rolawn Stockist

If you are interested in becoming a Rolawn stockist please contact us on 01904 757300, Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays), 8am to 6.30pm, Saturday 8am to 12.30pm.

Products that set the standard

Rolawn Medallion® turf is Britain's biggest selling and most frequently specified, being the first choice for both professional landscapers and experienced gardeners who demand the best.

Rolawn topsoils, barks, soil improver and Lawn Topdressing are supplied in convenient bulk bags making them easy to store and deliver. Furthermore we are able to supply these products on Sale or Return.

Rolawn's Lawn Seed and Lawn Fertiliser range adds complementary products to maximise sales opportunities.

Turf handling advice for Rolawn stockists

Rolawn have collated over 40 years of feedback to advise our stockists on how to handle turf and maximise its shelf life.

Turf Stock Handling AdviceTurf Stock Handling Advice

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