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Lawn turf

Rolawn use the highest quality blend of grass seed, sown on the most suitable soil type, using highly evolved growing and harvesting techniques to produce renowned market leading lawn turf. The turf is also treated with our unique, patented Profresh® system to ensure product arrives with you in prime condition. Our product is the first choice for landscapers, landscape architects and home owners looking to buy turf of the highest quality. All products are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015 certified.

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Medallion® Turf

Medallion® Turf

£4.26 - £8.82 per 1m² roll

A high-quality, multi-purpose ryegrass/fescue turf for a healthy, green and hard wearing lawn. Roll size approx. 1m² when harvested.

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Turfmaster® System

Turfmaster® System

£Call for price

For contractors laying turf over big areas our large turf rolls and patented laying system are available. Roll size approx 13m² when harvested.

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Rolawn is Europe's largest producer of cultivated grass turf and has been growing for over 40 years. Always at the forefront of our industry, Rolawn is recognised as the growers of Britain's Finest Turf, developing not only the turf, but the customised machines to grow it and our unique, patented Profresh® system.

Rolawn has a close working relationship with the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), the UK's leading independent authority in turfgrass research agronomy, and selects only the highest specification seed types, as independently confirmed by the STRI.

Choosing the right turf

As a garden turf or for a project it's important to choose the right product. There are different grades, some of which are specialist and others are suited to a variety of applications. Before buying a lawn turf you should consider what it is to be used for, ie how much foot traffic it will receive, and the growing conditions, such as the aspect of the garden and the soil type.

Medallion turf is multi-purpose and high quality with an excellent visual appearance. Its specially selected cultivar mix produces a turf that provides the most suitable performance for the diverse UK climate and offers enhanced performance in all quality landscaping situations. It is highly adaptable to variations in rainfall, sunlight, soil type, pH levels and nutrients. Ryegrass is included for wear and disease resistance, making it suitable for as a more hard wearing garden turf. Selected cultivars are Rhizomatous and deep rooting, vital for producing a turf that provides a high level of drought tolerance.

Medallion can be used as a lawn turf where a quality appearance, strength and low maintenance are important, such as family lawns which are subject to more wear and tear from children and pets. It is also used for sports pitches, public open spaces and golf courses.

Rolawn turf is available in standard 1m2 rolls and, for larger projects such as sports pitches and public open spaces, we also supply a large Turfmaster® 13m2 roll format.