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Soil Improver Compost Bulk Bag

£123.36 per bag

A peat free soil improving compost which will enhance and revitalise your soil naturally by adding valuable organic matter. Contains approx. 0.73m³ (730 litres) when packed.

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Rolawn Soil Improver is a natural, peat free soil conditioner/improver made from composted organic matter. It is highly fertile and will improve the structure of clay, sandy or chalky soils by increasing the organic matter content. Improving the soil's structure will enhance its drainage characteristics and air and water holding capabilities, all of which will result in healthier plant growth.

Bag Size: approx. 0.73m³
Coverage: Up to 14.6m² at a depth of 50mm

  • Improves soil fertility
  • Improves moisture and nutrient retention in sandy and chalky soils
  • Helps break up clay soils, improving drainage and workability
  • Friable and light, easy to barrow, spread and work in to the soil
  • Peat free
  • Minimal stone content
  • Dark brown appearance
  • Can be used as a multi-purpose compost for containers and potting on
  • Not suitable for use as seed sowing compost
  • Produced in accordance with BSI PAS100:2018
  • Weight to volume ratio (bulk density) is typically around 550kg per 1m³ bag
  • Convenient bulk bags minimise waste and mess and are easy to store
  • Apply anytime, but care must be taken to avoid digging/forking wet soil, as it may damage the soil structure
  • Can also be applied as a mulch

Typical application rates for improving topsoils with low levels of organic matter:

  • Heavy clay soil - a layer, 75mm deep, should be incorporated to a depth of 200mm,
  • Chalky soil - a layer, 50mm deep, should be incorporated to a depth of 200mm.
  • Light sandy soil - a layer, 30mm deep, should be incorporated to a depth of 200mm.

Each bag covers:

  • up to 9.7m² at a depth of 75mm,
  • up to 14.6m² at a depth of 50mm,
  • up to 24.3m² at a depth of 30mm.

Delivery Information

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