How to use GroRight® Lawn Establishment Fertiliser

A good root structure is important for a healthy lawn, so before laying turf or sowing lawn seed, it helps to make sure there is a good supply of the correct nutrients available with an application of Rolawn’s GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser.

Formulated using a slow release technology, which is key for promoting all round plant strength, it is suitable for all soil types and for any turf or seed. The technical specification also makes it suitable for use as a top feed, to replenish the nutrients in an established lawn.

Applying GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser as a pre-turfing and pre-seeding fertiliser

  • Prepare the soil by rotovating and raking and removing all debris, weeds and large stones. 
  • Spread GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser by hand or with a spreader at the recommended rate of 40g per m².
  • Rake into the top 25mm of the soil so that the majority of the granules are not visible.
  • Turf can be laid or seed sown immediately after application of GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser but should be completed within 48 hours.
  • Newly-laid turf must be watered well. Seed beds must be kept moist.
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Applying GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser as a lawn top feed

  • Recommended application rate when using as a lawn top feed is also 40g per m².
  • Feed as soon after mowing as possible, to give the feed time to work before the next cut.
  • It is advisable to apply when there is some moisture in the soil
  • If there is no rainfall in the 48 hours following application, irrigate your lawn.
  • Can be mixed with a topdressing as part of a regular maintenance routine.

Application rate

A bag will cover 125m² at the recommended application rate of 40g per m².

You can find further advice in our Using a spreader to fertiliser your lawn article, including guidance on types of spreader, settings, calibration and getting an even coverage.

When to apply

Rolawn GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser can be applied at any time of year, except when the ground is frozen.

Apply up to 48 hours before laying turf or sowing seed.


  • Help avoid suffocation – keep the bag away from babies and small children
  • Wear gloves
  • Wash hands and exposed skin after use
  • Keep in original container tightly closed
  • Empty container completely and dispose of safely
  • Store in a safe place away from children and pets
  • Read all precautions and instructions before use