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Turf Pests & Insects

There are many insects that feed on turf, but most do not cause great damage. Insect damage and identification of insects is usually a job for an expert. In general, insect damage will cause your turf to turn yellow and slow down in growth, but these same symptoms can be caused by other problems as well. Other insects simply live in the turf or soil and cause the turf little harm.

Ants in lawns

Ant hills can spoil the appearance of your lawn, but can be easily eradicated.

Chafer grubs in lawns

Chafer grubs may be small but they can be extremely destructive in your lawn; they can however be controlled.  

Bibionid flies (Fever Fly, St Marks Fly)

Each bibionid fly lays 30 eggs at a time, resulting in small clumps of larvae which feed on organic matter in turf.  

Leatherjackets (European Crane Fly)

Leatherjacket larvae can damage your lawn by eating the roots of the turf, weakening the grass which may then turn yellow.   


Damage caused by moles is easily recognisable, but they can be difficult to eradicate.