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Turfmaster® System

For contractors laying turf over big areas our large turf rolls and patented laying system are available. Roll size approx 13m² when harvested.

Price on application

For further information please contact us on 01904 757372, Monday-Friday, 8am to 6.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays), or email


Rolawn's patented Turfmaster® System combines large turf rolls with specialist, easy to use laying equipment. This enables rapid laying, giving significant labour savings on sizeable projects.

Roll size: approx. 13m²
Dimensions: approx. 533mm wide by 24.4m long

Please note Rolawn Turfmaster rolls have netting applied around the turf at the point of harvesting. This stabilises the rolls during transit and must be removed by hand as the turf is laid. The supply of equipment will be subject to Rolawn's General Conditions of Sale & Supply.

Key benefits:

  • Labour costs are reduced as turf can be laid quicker
  • Less joins means improved appearance and quicker establishment
  • Less joins means less edges to risk drying out, therefore more water efficient


  • Sports pitches
  • Sizeable lawns
  • Public open spaces
  • Golf courses

Rolawn Turfmaster Laying Equipment

Turfmaster manual and tractor mounted laying equipment allows rapid laying, giving significant labour cost savings.

Rolawn Turfmaster laying equipment is available on free loan and is available in a variety of formats.

Laying equipment must be requested at the time of ordering Turfmaster rolls. A deposit will be charged, fully refundable on return of equipment.

Motorised laying equipment is available for purchase from specialist manufacturers.

Turfmaster Laying Equipment Guide to Use & Assembly

For full details on how to assemble and use Rolawn Turfmaster laying equipment download our guide as a PDF by clicking on the link below.

Turfmaster Laying EquipmentTurfmaster Laying Equipment