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With a better than 98% order success rate and three successive years of Feefo Gold Trusted Service awards you might think we’d be happy with our service levels, but we know we must never rest on our laurels and can always do better.

To continually deliver industry-leading customer service we need to understand how we’re performing and how we can improve. That means we must listen to our customers, and in our latest blog post, we look at the ways your feedback helps to shape our business.

Feedback as a measure of quality

We operate a culture of continual development – be that our products, processes or service levels – but it’s no good making changes in isolation. We need to understand how well our products and services are meeting your needs and expectations. So, along with the market and product research work we carry out, we incorporate elements of customer feedback in the design and development of our products and services.

We value all feedback, good or bad, because it helps us:

  1. Understand our performance levels
  2. Develop and refine products in line with current and future market needs
  3. Make informed decisions about our strategic direction/business activities
  4. Provide real customer insight to test our claims 

Most importantly, your feedback helps future customers make informed decisions about the suitability of our products and services for their own needs. 

Feedback as a diagnostic device

Feedback isn’t a one-way thing and we openly acknowledge and share your comments with colleagues across the business and also with customers and the wider industry, online. 

Feedback from any source is treated as an opportunity, whether received via Feefo, Google, social media, email, phone or any other medium. Should our products or services not meet the exacting standards that we strive to achieve then we investigate, respond, and if appropriate, put improvement actions in place. 

It’s important to us that, whenever possible, we address the cause of any issue that’s raised by a customer to provide a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix. These are some of the methods we employ to achieve this:

  • Make every effort to ensure purchasing from us is as easy as possible
  • Ensure customers are given correct information and advice through education of staff and key goal setting
  • Plan team resources to ensure correct staffing levels to meet customer activity levels
  • Exceed customer expectations by going the extra mile

Keeping on track with industry-leading customer service

Our customer service goal is to ‘Deliver industry leading customer service that supports Rolawn brand values’ and to help keep this on track our processes are documented and audited as part of our ISO certification.

To uphold our certification, we must continually demonstrate commitment to maintaining the standards by which we were initially assessed. Internal criteria, such as operational procedures, processes and resources, sit alongside statutory and regulatory frameworks for assessing our performance. We use these measures to set targets, train and develop staff, enhance products and procedures and ultimately embed a culture of quality and innovation.

It’s not what we say that counts

As you can see, we take all your feedback seriously, so much so that we’re happy to share it with anyone who wants to see what people are saying about us. You can read our latest reviews here.

Or, why not watch our two-minute testimonial video in which recent customer Craig Pickering shares his experience of Rolawn’s products and services.

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