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Rolawn embark on 2016 garden show programme

After the success of 2015, Rolawn are very excited to announce a more extensive show programme in 2016. Top of the list is sponsorship of a conceptual show garden at RHS Hampton Court in July. Entitled ‘Why?’, designed and built by Tony Smith of Hortus Infinitus, the garden attempts to challenge our thoughts on the biggest question of all, WHY?, What is life all about.

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The show season has begun with products on two gardens at RHS Flower Show Cardiff, winning gold with the Alfresco Gallery Garden and Silver gilt with Hortus Infinitus Pure Imagination. For The North of England Horticultural Society Rolawn designed and built a feature at Harrogate Spring Flower Show to help celebrate Botanica and the 300th anniversary of Capability Brown’s birth.

Next up RHS Flower Show Malvern with ‘Reflections of Japan’ with Peter Dowle and Bloms Bulbs with their floral display of magnificent tulips set on a backdrop of Medallion turf. At RHS Flower Show Chelsea Rolawn is supporting Chris Beardshaw, Ann-Marie Powell, Sarah Eberle, Peter Dowle and Hilliers along with a number of notable landscapers, nurseries, specialist growers and exhibitors. Rolawn products have also been selected by designers Wardrop and Stephenson for their Gardener’s World Live garden, which was a competition winner in this year’s GWL and Association of Professional Landscaper’s joint challenge for small garden designs.

Rolawn Sales and Marketing Director Jonathan Hill states ‘It is going to be a busy and fantastic year, supporting and helping leading lights within the horticulture industry, not to mention sponsorship of an actual show garden that will hopefully challenge and engage all who visit the Hampton Court flower show this year’.

Image: visual of Hampton Court Garden Why?