Commitment and skills recognised with new roles at Rolawn

Rolawn is once again recognising the skills and dedication of its personnel with the development of three staff members into new or expanded roles within the business: Farm Manager, Customer Services Manager and Trainee Bulk Products Manager.

Firstly, as part of its growth and development plans, Rolawn is delighted to announce that Turf Production Manager, Tom Anderson has been promoted to the role of Farm Manager. In addition to Tom’s current responsibilities for turf cultivation, he now takes on overall responsibility for the harvesting operation, along with that of the Farm Office team. 

Commenting on his new role, Tom said: “I am looking forward to overseeing the whole process from seed to pallet; this is a great opportunity to use my knowledge of agriculture and agricultural engineering to help the teams in the farm to work cohesively, optimising our resources, people and machinery use.”

Staff - Tom Anderson

To support Tom on the turf Production side of the business, a newly appointed Farm Supervisor will assist with the daily management of the farm, ensuring the safe and efficient production of Rolawn’s turf.

Rolawn is also acknowledging the significance of outstanding customer service in retaining their position as market leader. In Sales & Marketing, Emily Kirkland, takes on the enhanced role of Customer Services Manager reflecting the development of her role in the last year to incorporate responsibility for many more aspects of customer satisfaction. In particular, Emily now plays a key part in the ISO management team which oversees the company’s compliance with ISO standards for both Environmental Management and Quality Management.

News - Emily Kirkland

Elsewhere, in the Production team, the role of Trainee Bulk Products Manager has been created to assist the Bulk Products Manager with the production and development of Rolawn’s portfolio of bulk products and fertiliser products. This new role has already been filled by internal promotion, with experienced production team member Kyle Butler taking up the position at the end of 2019.

Each of these roles is essential to ensuring that the company is in a strong position for future growth and continued success.

Staff- Kyle Butler