Rolawn landscaping bark donation helps local school complete new forest school

Yorkshire-based Rolawn, the UK’s leading turf grower and supplier of market-leading topsoils, barks and mulches, recently donated 3,600 litres of sustainably sourced landscaping bark to their local school, Melbourne Community Primary, to help them complete a new forest school area. 

Rolawn’s Sales Director, Jonathan Hill, said: “Making provision for outdoor learning has been a growing trend in recent years and the pandemic has heightened awareness of its importance. As advocates of green spaces for health and well-being, we were delighted to help facilitate Melbourne school’s objective to enhance their outdoor classroom.”

Kelly Foxton, Headteacher at Melbourne Community Primary explained how the donation has helped the school: “The forest school is a valuable space for us to increase pupils’ confidence and self-esteem while teaching respect for nature, in preparation for an ever-changing world. Thanks to Rolawn we hope that the area can be used throughout the school year, with the bark making it drier and safer.”

Kelly continued: “With each class heading to the forest school area at least once a week, the area is very well used. That means we need to be sure of the children’s safety and well-being during the sessions, so knowing that the bark provided by Rolawn is responsibly sourced and free of any contaminants gives us peace of mind that the area meets our safety requirements.” 

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Rolawn landscaping bark is a mid-dark brown, high-quality, multi-purpose grade bark mulch derived from forestry woodchip. It is a natural product and will enhance the appearance of its surroundings in any location. It can also be used as a mulch to inhibit weed development and improve moisture retention as well as acting as insulation for plant roots, reducing plant loss in cold weather.