Celebrate topsoil with us on UN World Soil Day

It’s World Soil Day – an opportunity to celebrate the vital role that soil plays in our well-being and raise awareness by sharing some key facts about topsoils:

Topsoils are full of life. They might not look like much but this little handful will likely contain more individual life forms than there are people on the planet.

Biodiversity of topsoils. From worms down to fungi and bacteria this handful of soil is packed full of biodiversity and might contain 50,000 different species. Many of these organisms are essential for plant growth and that’s why we always include naturally sourced soil in our blends.

Carbon and climate. Soils are massive stores of carbon and can play an essential role in the fight against climate change. Some of the most important soils are peatlands and that’s why we have never used peat within our blends.

Healthy soils for water. Healthy soils soak up water during rainstorms and so help to reduce the risk of devastating flooding. Adding an mulch, or soil improver to your beds and borders will help increase its organic content to increase biological activity and water absorbency.

Terry Smithson, Rolawn Biodiversity Manager, with topsoil.