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Introducing BioScapes® – helping you support nature

BioScapes® is a new company within the Rolawn Group, established to develop a simple, self-contained solution to help you support nature.

BioScapes products are multi-purpose planters that provide a home and a food source for a wide range of species, from microorganisms to small mammals, in a single unit.

Working in horticulture, with natural products, has given us an affinity with the outside world. It’s given us a clear understanding that we all need to do our bit to support nature.

We know we’re not alone in this. Hedgehog houses, bee hotels and butterfly houses have never been more popular but, in isolation, they have limited impact. These habitats need to work together as part of an ecosystem.


The planter that’s home to hedgehogs, bees, butterflies and much more

The BioScapes range of multi-habitat units has been designed to quickly boost biodiversity by supporting a wide range of UK flora and fauna in a self-contained ecosystem.

They will attract wildlife in any setting from residential, community and educational spaces to commercial premises.



  • Integrated habitats that allow species to interact as they would naturally
  • Wet and dry zones for insects and other invertebrates, amphibians, birds, and small mammals
  • Planting areas for pollinators
  • Support for rewilding and nature connectivity
  • A patented design: created by ecologists to maximise biodiversity gains (Patents granted: GB 2588793 & GB 2577671)


Whether you’re looking to increase wildlife in your garden, school, community or workplace, we have solutions to suit any outdoor space.

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Compact design, ideal for anyone wanting to increase biodiversity in a small outdoor space such as a garden, patio or roof terrace.




Designed to help boost biodiversity in any residential, educational or community outdoor space.


Developed to promote biodiversity gain in any large residential, community or commercial setting.