Whether you enjoy gardening as a hobby or in a professional capacity, knowing that your purchases will lead to horticultural success is a must to save time and money. 

Our products are consistently relied on by award-winning garden designers, horticultural journalists and broadcasters and leading retailers, and below you’ll find their reasons for trusting Rolawn.

"Along with good horticultural husbandry, the foundation required to achieve premium planting schemes is great topsoil. Throughout our private clients’ gardens and in our 14 RHS Gold Medal winning gardens Rolawn Topsoil has always performed to the very highest levels, and in the latter the plants are well rooted after just 10 days in the soil."

"A bad lawn in a lovely garden is a bit like walking into a beautiful bedroom and finding the bed unmade. Rolawn's Medallion Turf is everything grass should be – lush, green and beautiful. And crucially, the root system starts busily getting to work as soon as it's laid, which makes a big difference to any application."

"The Rolawn Profresh system has significantly extended the shelf life of the turf we sell and we’ve seen less deterioration, which means we can supply our customers with turf that’s fresher, greener and in the very best condition possible."

"We overseeded our turf arena following 6 concerts. Originally laid with Medallion turf, we needed to make seamless repairs using the same seed mix. The turf repaired quickly, enabling us to host activities in the Arena during the peak summer period."

"A soil is all about how it feels and boy, does this feel good! Rich, friable and crumbly. Blended loam gets plants off to the best possible start."

"The Blended Loam transformed my building site into a smooth brown carpet instantly. It was incredibly pure and of the very best quality - the perfect kick start for the new garden."

"The Turf for the Royal National Rose Society's Garden of the Rose was of outstanding quality, mind you over the last 15 years of using Rolawn turf, it's what we have come to expect."

“Rolawn approached our recent discussions with proactiveness and flexibility. They have been extremely collaborative, clearly valuing our partnership, as indeed the team and I do. This is greatly appreciated by our business and will no doubt support us on our journey to become the Number 1 Builders' Merchant in the UK. The fact that Jewson sales with Rolawn bulk bag products are substantially up year to date is evidence of the fruits of this collaboration.”