Improving your soil

Product Images - Rolawn Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil barrowed up path

How to improve your soil

Advice on improving the structure and fertility of clay and sandy soils by adding organic matter, the best time of year to do this and what to use to improve your soil.

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Info Centre - Soil testing

How and why to test the safety and suitability of topsoil

Do you know how healthy your topsoil is? Does it have the fertility levels and constituents needed for successful plant growth? What about unwanted harmful elements? It’s always best to know what you’re working with, and our guide is a great starting point to find out where to go for help with such analysis.

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Soil structure

Soil structure is the shape that the soil takes based on its physical, chemical and biological properties. Here we examine why soil structure is so important for healthy plant growth.

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