Lawn care advice

Guides on how to establish and maintain a healthy lawn, including how and when to mow, water and feed it for optimum performance. Plus, expert advice on some more intensive treatments and corrective lawn care procedures for a few of the more common weeds and conditions.

Lawn showing signs of drought damage

Helping your lawn to cope with drought

On the whole, lawns that are affected by drought will start to recover a few weeks after rainfall. You can assist their recovery and help them withstand futher stress – especially those that have been severely impacted – with a few simple maintenance actions carried out in late summer into early autumn.

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Info Centre - Patch repairing a lawn

How to patch repair a lawn

There are many reasons that bald or discoloured patches can appear on your lawn from time to time. Check out our guide to using either lawn seed or new turf for repairing these patches.

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Uncategorised -topdressing in spreader

Top dressing your lawn

Advice on how and when to apply topdressing to improve the appearance, drainage and tolerance to wear and tear of your lawn and level out minor undulations.

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Info centre - flooded lawn

Soil compaction & aeration

Compaction is the reduction of soil pore space. Soils are generally 50% pore space and 50% solid. The pore space is needed to conduct water and oxygen to your turf and many thousands of other plants, microbes and animals that live in the soil.

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