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How to measure your lawn

If you're lucky enough to have a square or rectangular lawn, measuring its area is simplicity itself. Measure the width and the length, and multiply the two together. This gives you your area. Whether you measure in feet, yards or metres, you can use our Turf Calculator to do the calculation for you.

Of course, not all lawns are that easy to measure. As people take more of an interest in the design of their gardens, irregular shapes are increasingly popular. If the shape is relatively simple and made up of separate squares or rectangles, you can measure it by breaking it up as shown in the diagram below.


Diagram illustrating how to measure a lawn made up of separate squares or rectangles:Lawn Example

If your lawn is more complicated than that, we suggest the you use a piece of graph paper to help you measure the area. Measure the width and the length of your garden at various points, and draw an approximation of the shape of your lawn to scale. By counting the number of squares your lawn fills, and "guess-timating" the rest from partially filled squares, you can get a reasonable result. If in doubt, it is always best to round your estimate up rather than down.

Diagram illustrating how to measure an irregularly shaped lawn:

Lawn Example 2
Whatever the shape and size of your lawn, we strongly recommend that you purchase 5% more turf than you need to allow for cutting & shaping. Our calculator will add this for you.

If you are really not sure how to measure the area then contact us so that we can help.

Turf size

When comparing prices, note that that Rolawn turf is sold in rolls of one square metre. Each square metre roll covers 20% more ground than a square yard roll. The rolls measure approximately 610mm x 1640mm when harvested.