Benefits of Younger Thinner Cut Turf for Establishing a Healthier Lawn [STRI Report]

Dr Tom Young summarises the results of independent research by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) into the benefits of younger thinner cut turf compared to older thicker cut turf.

The research underlined the credentials of younger thinner cut turf and its ability to root more quickly and vigorously, allowing faster establishment and a healthier and more attractive lawn.

The research comprised of two trials conducted at the STRI headquarters in Bingley, West Yorkshire, in Autumn 2017. The outdoor field trial saw the laying of both younger thinner cut Rolawn Medallion turf and older thicker cut Medallion turf side by side for 50 days.

After just 20 days the younger thinner cut turf showed deeper, denser and more vigorous rooting compared to the older cut turf. Surface appearance was also better throughout the trial, with its NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) score – a measure of turf health and quality – consistently higher throughout the 50 days of being laid.

In the second trial, samples of both were put side by side in the STRI’s rhizotron, a controlled environmental chamber, to view root growth over time under LED lights.

Almost immediately the younger thinner cut turf rooted more quickly and densely and continued to do so consistently throughout the two-week trial.

The research results can be clearly seen in the time-lapse video produced by the STRI which shows the difference in the rooting characteristics.

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