National Film & Television School uses Rolawn turf in film set

Rolawn’s renowned Medallion turf has been incorporated into the set of ‘Skyborn’ which is a graduation fiction film produced at the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield.

Written and directed by final-year student Jamie Stone, the story tells the plight of Gideon and his son Blue who, as seemingly the last remaining humans on earth, are constructing an elaborate flying machine in an effort to escape a world of perpetual smog. Shot almost entirely on the School’s main studio stage, the film required the construction of a large, stone croft structure and a vast area of landscape and marshland (not to mention a full-scale rickety flying machine!). The film was produced by Len Rowles, it was shot by Robin Whenary and the sets were designed by John Merry – all final-year students at the NFTS.

Skyborn is currently in post-production and is due to be completed in late December.

The National Film and Television School is the UK’s national centre of excellence for postgraduate education. The NFTS teaches in purpose-built studios that include two film stages, a separate large television studio and post production facilities rivalling those of many professional companies.