Rolawn Oxygrid™

Degradable netting called Oxygrid™ has enabled Rolawn to evolve its turf growing regime, to deliver a technically superior product that has improved rapid rooting and more aggressive establishment characteristics than traditional turf. As a result, Rolawn Medallion turf is more flexible and adaptable to whatever growing conditions it encounters, improving success rates of newly laid turf on landscaping schemes throughout the UK.

The quicker turf can become established, the quicker a customer will have a useable lawn which is less vulnerable to the negative impact of pests, diseases, wear and tear.

To achieve this, turf must be sown, grown and harvested with high degrees of accuracy and speed, producing harvestable product within a reduced time frame.

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Infographic showing the benefits of using Oxygrid netting for turf cultivation

This philosophy requires an overall approach that encompasses the choice of land, method of topsoil cultivation, choice of seed mix, methods of sowing, growing and harvesting. Rolawn has used innovative techniques to design and build the appropriate machinery that enables this philosophy to become reality. Oxygrid performs a key role in this process by providing tensile strength in turf that previously relied on organic fibres and thatch to hold it together. When harvesting more mature turf, rolls are usually thicker, with a greater fibre content and denser thatch layer. These can have perceived advantages in the laying process, however, they are less likely to root as aggressively, which will delay establishment and increase the potential for freshly laid turf to not develop into a high quality, healthy grassed area.

By using Oxygrid there are also significant environmental benefits:

  • Reduced applications of chemicals, such as herbicides and fungicides.
  • Reduced carbon footprint as a result of fewer farm vehicle miles during the growing process by producing a harvest ready product in a shorter time frame.
  • Reduced carbon footprint through full utilisation of delivery vehicles as Oxygrid enables us to harvest thinner, lighter rolls of turf.
  • Improved use of water as thinner turf requires less water to establish.

Rolawn takes positive action to care for the environment, and the development of our growing regime incorporating Oxygrid has contributed to our attaining the Green Achiever Scheme Gold and Diamond Banner Awards.

Oxygrid is produced by a leading manufacturer of engineered netting and has been developed following strong worldwide demand from the turf industry. Oxygrid is incorporated within Medallion turf at the time of sowing and retains its tensile strength for the growing cycle. Over a period of 2 to 5 years, under the influence of UV light, heat and moisture, degradation will gradually take place. Oxygrid is a non-toxic material and will not release or leave behind any toxic material before, during or after degradation.

Frequently asked questions

Has all your turf got Oxygrid in it?

No, currently it is around 85%.

How do you cut through the Oxygrid when trimming up a lawn?

In the last 8 years most customers have not noticed Oxygrid in the turf as it cuts and lays exactly the same as un-netted turf.

If the netting becomes exposed what do I do?

In high wear areas over time the Oxygrid can come to the surface, simply use a pair of scissors to cut away the exposed sections.

Updated February 2020