Natural lawns - did you know?

A beautiful lawn can certainly be an attractive feature in any garden, but there are also a surprising number of other little known benefits provided by natural lawns and turfed areas.

Here are some interesting facts why having a well-maintained, natural lawn is good for the environment and you and your family’s health and well-being.

  • Oxygen – A 250m2 healthy lawn will absorb CO2 and produce enough oxygen to sustain a family of 4
  • Water wise – Lawns absorb rainfall, reducing water lost to run-off which is efficient in times of drought and effective in reducing flash flooding
  • Good for the environment – Turf traps and filters dust from the air and purifies water as it passes through the underground aquifers
  • Cooling – Natural turf stays cool during hot weather; up to 30 degrees cooler than hard landscaping surfaces
  • Hygienic – Natural lawns through the process of growing and respiring, are a self-cleaning surface
  • Emotional health – Standing barefoot on natural grass is proven to trigger a reduction in the signs of stress, with lowering of both heart rate and blood pressure
  • Good for the senses – The smell of freshly cut grass regularly tops the list of most pleasant and comforting smells
  • Adds value – A well-presented lawn and landscaped garden adds roadside appeal, desirability and value to a property
  • Good for all – A safe low-impact playing surface, a summer picnic table and a year round contributor to a healthy lifestyle