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Rolawn - Feefo Gold Trusted Service - Independent Feedback Rewards 2024

Rolawn awarded Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2024 Rolawn has again won the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award, an independent seal of excellence, which recognises

Broadleaf weeds in your turf

Info centre - dealing with broadleaf weeds in lawns

Broadleaf weeds are the easiest to identify in turf; here we explain how to remove them and prevent the weeds from reoccurring.

Soil structure

Product Images - Rolawn Beds & Borders Topsoil close up

Soil structure is the shape that the soil takes based on its physical, chemical and biological properties. Here we examine why soil structure is so important for healthy plant growth.

Fertilising your turf

Info centre - fertilising turf

Advice on how and when to fertilise your lawn to keep it healthy, green and hard wearing.

Damage to lawns caused by animals

Information & Advice - Damage to lawns caused by pets

The different ways dogs, cats and other animals can harm your lawn, steps you can take to minimise the damage and advice on how you can repair your lawn if animal damage has already occurred.

Fairy rings

Info Centre - Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are a fungal turf grass disease which can be difficult to eradicate, but their appearance can be masked through a suitable aftercare regime.


Uncategorised -raking thatch on Medallion turf

Why thatch occurs in lawns and how to deal with it.

Mowing your turf

Info Centre - Rolawn Medallion Turf with mower

Get the best from your lawn by ensuring you have a suitable mowing regime.